Second Tour: Malta Sicily Italy

Cecil's second operational tour began on the 7th of April 1943. He was transferred to SAAF No.1 squadron at the time when the last stages of the North African campaign were concluded in Tunisia.  Susequently the squadron moved off to Malta, Sicily and later to Italy, progressing slowly up north with the Allied advance.

No 1 squadron was commanded by Snowy Moody, Hannes Faure and later Johnny Seccombe, all  veteran pilots from the desert campaign.

During this tour the squadron flew mainly bomb line patrols, shipping escorts, ground strafing, top cover for fighter bombers and recce missions. Eventually the German and Italian fighters diminished to insignificant numbers and later the aerial dog fighting became the exception. The main enemy threat to the squadron was now anti- aircraft fire.

Aircraft used by 1 squadron were Spitfires V, VIII and IX.

During the last phase of this tour, Cecil flew with SAAF No. 7 squadron missions from Cyprus to the island of Cos. These were dangerous missions due to the extremely long distance flights over ocean making rescue attempts to downed aircraft virtually impossible.

Going up "North" for the second tour. 


Snowy Moodie, OC  1 sqdn  at the time in Tunisia



Spitfire v


 German POW's at Tunis

High ranking POW


Harbour at Tunis



Spitfire v's


1 sqdn HQ


Pilots relax with  girls who were family members of British government officials on Malta. 



1 Squadron pilots in Sicily with OC Hannes Faure


 Standing L.R.  Labby Labistour (armament officer), C E Martin,  M Vialls, Lippy Lipawsky, J van Nus, J Seccombe, A Higgo, Hannes Faure, R L Cherrington.

Front row: Dave Hastie, W D Wickner

Rear L.R. : W H Greeff, G W Hillary, G T van der Veen, F A Montanari, H T Hall,  B Trotter, E Drummond

Front row: W M Langerman, T R Fryer,  Cecil Golding 

 Catania, Sicily


Cyprus; seconded to 7 squadron



 Arthur "Heinkel" Meikle  (left)  of 7 sqdn and Montanari ? from 1 sqdn.

Cecil with Frank Montanari



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