Hans Deibl's visit to SA

Hans visited Cecil here in Cape Town during November 2013. He arrived on the 8/11/2012 and departed on 19/11/2012.



Mobile phone photographs of the meeting between Cecil and Hans seeing each for the first time after 70 years! This was at Cecil's house at Wittebomen, Constantia.

 Cecil, Pam, Hans




Pam, Tinus, Hans



 1) Outside Gordons Bay, Hans and Tinus

2) In Hermanus, Tersia and Hans


3) War memorial in Hermanus; Armistice day 

4) Hanging out with the ladies in Hermanus: Hans, Tersia Hester Burger, Annette Kunz, ?. Here we had a nice sea food lunch.


5) Whales in Hermanus! Tersia and Hans.


Visit to Kirstenbosch 10/11/2012, Peter, Corinne, Hans

 6) Hans and  Corinne 

 7) Hans, Pam and Peter

8) Hans


 Dakota flight at Ysterplaat: 13/11/2012


 9) At the departure center  Ysterplaat: Tersia,?, Irene McCullagh, Hans.

10) Walking to the Dakota.


11) Co-pilot: Scott Ternent


12) Maritime converted Turbo Dakota taking 7 passangers. Hans and ?


13) Milnerton 

14) Robben island




16) In the cockpit, Hans flew for about 10 minutes!


17) Scott Ternent, Tinus, Hans, Peter Golding. 



19) Cape Point



21) Flight Engineer, pilot and  Nick Golding 


22) Cape Point




25) Cape Town Harbour


26) N1


27) Ysterplaat control tower.


28) Peter and Hans with the Turbo Dakota.


29) De briefing: co-pilot: Scott Ternent , pilot: Grant Willcock

 , Peter,Chris Drummond,Nick, Sarah 

 30) Grant Wilcock, Peter

31) Chris Teale in the SAAF museum, Hans signing a flag.


32) Crew and passangers of the flight:


SAAFA lunch 13/11/2012




34) Pam and John Januarie.


35) At the SAAFA lunch: front Pam, Cecil, Frnk Gormely, Hans, Tersia. 

Back  Derrick Dickens (aviation artist) , Michael Schoeman (SAAF historian) 

36) Hans making a great speech  filled with humour.

37) Pam with three World War 2 pilots: Cecil, Bomb Finney and Hans.


37a) Speeches! 

Cecil, Hans, Tinus, Jochen Mahncke

Visiting Table Mountain with Sue Dove and Jilly Drummond on 14/11/2013


38) Sue Dove and Hans. Hans is wearing Cecil's  SAAF hat!


39) At the V&A Waterfront : Jilly, Hans, Uli Haw





Dornier farm wine tasting 15/11/2012








Farewell lunch at Wittebomen  18/11/2012 

47) Pam, Birtha Johl, Tersia le Roux


48) Cecil and Hans


49)  Suzanne Faustner  and Hans








53) Sarah, Corinne, Peter, Tanya, Caroline van Zyl


54) Hans and Tersia




56) Hans, Tersia, Fritz Johl


57) Ali, Andrew, Clemmie,  Nick


58) Cecil and Fritz




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