3d Tour Italy 1944-'45

Cecil again joined No.1 squadron in Italy during June 1944 but was later transferred to No.3 squadron as a flight leader. In December 1944 he was promoted to squadron leader of No.3 squadron and stayed with the squadron until the end of the war.

During this time Cecil flew Spitfires VIII's and IX's and did mainly ground support missions by dive bombing and strafing. Although encounters with German fighters became almost non-existent, anti-aircraft fire was still a definite threat and caused some losses. 

Video where Cecil is explaining how dive bombing was done with the Spitfire 

1 Squadron 

Spitfire  with 500lb bomb.



Cecil's spitfire being damaged by anti-aircraft fire.


L.t.R.  Cecil, Lippie (OC), ?, Snowy Brown (doctor)


Robbie Robinson


Haircut done by Italian barber.


Doug Fischer, pilot, badly  burnt from previous flying accident.

Harry Gaynor?





3 Squadron







SAAF 8 wing squadron leaders with wing commander in jeep; Rosie du Toit


Visit from vice president of SA: J Hofmeyer, asking Cecil what the guns are for on the AC.


Spitfire with 500lb bomb



Christmas lunch.


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